Polyline Pipe Systems: producing and installing continuous HDPE pipes at mine sites

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Polyline Pipe Systems (PPS) has developed an innovative mobile extruder which produces high-quality continuous lengths of HDPE pipe made to customers’ specifications at mine sites – no matter how remote the location.  This high-tech advanced bundled solution contrasts with the traditional approach of trucking 12-20m HDPE pipe lengths many kilometres from an urban manufacturing facility to a remote mine site.

The value-add for customers is significant as producing and installing high-quality HDPE pipe 24/7 at site delivers a relatively fast outcome combined with material reduction in transport, pipe welding and logistical costs.

Furthermore, the extruder has in-built QA/QC processes that ensure HDPE pipe produced at any mine site complies with Australian regulatory requirements and customers’ specifications.

A key differentiator of the PPS product is the ESG benefits the extruder delivers, which includes a low carbon footprint to produce HDPE pipe at a mine site compared to the conventional approach of significant trucking of hollow pipes.

The key point to highlight is the company is not developing a new style of HDPE pipe. PPS uses the same resin, and the same extrusion process to produce the same HDPE pipe as the conventional process. However the company’s technology allows it to deliver the HDPE pipe, in a far more financially and environmentally efficient manner, than the conventional process.


Polyline Pipe being installed at a remote site.


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