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18 October 2021

ADEO Pitch Training Program

Complete the five weeks of blended learning before submitting a pitch video for military and/or prime feedback and Australian Defence Export Office use.

20 October 2021

How much does starting a business really cost?

In this workshop for Sydney-based businesses,  Access to Finance Advisor Judy Hendricks will look into the nitty-gritty things that you will need to consider when working out how much starting a business will really cost you – from what corporate structure you choose, getting legal and accounting advice and working out what sales you need to break even. We run through the things that require essential planning to make your new business a viable one that will be around for the long term.

21 October 2021

Industry Briefing – New housing construction in Brighton, Flemington, and Prahran – PPP Project

Join Homes Victoria, Building Communities consortium and ICN Victoria for this online industry briefing on Thursday 21st October for interested suppliers, contractors, registered social enterprises and Aboriginal businesses.

26 October 2021

2021 Meet the Buyer presented by INPEX

Each year in the Territory we see plenty of opportunity and innovation for operators, contractors and all companies associated with the energy industry. It’s an exciting time to be in the Territory to witness the diverse transformation that this period of development will bring and to support the growth and sustainability of the NT energy industry.

26 October 2021

HR masterclass

Join the webinar if you’re a Sydney-based business and want to understand the stages of the HR Lifecycle and the elements that are included in each.

3 November 2021

Wellbeing for creative business

Working in the creative industries is both rewarding and strenuous, physically and mentally. How can practitioners maintain relative balance between flourishing and falling, particularly when artistic output is built with emotion?

11 November 2021

Strategic growth business case development

Industry expert Ian Marsh will introduce attendees of this online event to mechanisms of business case development in a structure used at a macro level for business development at a national and international level.

11 November 2021

Connecting Coal Conference Qld

The online Connecting Coal Conference Queensland on November 11 features seven metallurgical and torbanite coal projects based in the Bowen Basin presenting their procurement opportunities

11 November 2021

2021 Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining Presentation Dinner

Celebrating 10 years of the Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining - bringing together an industry to showcase innovative approaches and technology, applaud leading practice, and acknowledge the delivery of exceptional leadership in South Australia, along with recognising the employment and business opportunities and the positive economic, social and environmental contribution the industry makes to South Australia.


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