The Newell Highway forms part of the National Land Transport Network and is a critical link between Melbourne and Brisbane. The Newell Highway contributes to Australia’s competitiveness in the agricultural and mining sectors, providing access to essential and increasingly important freight networks in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

This project will deliver heavy duty pavement upgrades along 8 sections of the Newell Highway

(5 between Narrabri and Moree and 3 North of Moree).

The project is to be delivered in stages. Stage 1 will include:

  • Planning to “shovel ready” status of the full project scope of 67.8km consisting of 36.8km between Narrabri and Moree and 30.9km North of Moree.
  • Reconstruction of four high priority sections (1, 2, 3, 5) between Narrabri and Moree totalling 26.85km of new pavement.
  • Widen the formation to provide a road cross section incorporating 3.5m lanes, 2.0m shoulders, 1.0m wide centre-line.
  • Provision of five 3.5m wide overtaking lanes.
  • Provision of formalised junctions at all road intersections and property accesses.
  • Culvert widening to suit widened carriageway.
  • Changes to vertical alignment to achieve flood immunity improvements.



Great Eastern Offshore Wind

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UGL - Victorian Regional Rolling Stock Maintenance Project

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Awoonga Dam Spillway Project

Awoonga Dam is classified as a referable dam with a category 2 Failure Impact Category (for both Sunny Day and Flood Consequence failures) under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

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