SEA 1905 – Portable Operation Centre

About Thales Underwater Systems

Thales Underwater Systems (UWS) is a world leader in its field and a major exporter of sonars and associated systems for navies and air forces worldwide. The Underwater Systems business line has operating units in France, United Kingdom and Australia, and employs about 2,500 people world-wide and 300 people in Australia.

Thales Underwater Systems has a wide range of products, systems and services which include:

  • Sonars for all platforms (submarines, surface vessels, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft)
  • Mine countermeasures systems
  • Acoustic homing heads for torpedoes
  • Underwater security and protection
  • Customer support and related services.

More details of Thales Australia and the Thales Group can be found on here.

The Project

Thales UWS is seeking to gain a detailed understanding of Australian industry for organisations with the design and technical capability to manufacture, integrate and supply the ‘Portable Operations Centre’ system outlined in this Expression of Interest (EOI). Note Thales is looking for an organisation to partner with who can provide a turn-key solution.

This opportunity offers the successful organisation the potential to partner with Thales in Australia for the SEA1905 Programme and global defence programmes through the Thales Global Supply Chain.

General Information

The Thales designed Portable Operations Centre (POC) is a flexible low risk solution for command and control of remote and autonomous maritime systems for Mine Counter Measure (MCM) programmes. It provides a standalone, command and control module with integrated enabling technologies and environmental protection and is a transportable and habitable facility for four operators. It can be operated from shore or on a sea going vessel

The POC comprises two twenty-foot equivalent unit ISO containers, the Operations Unit (OU) and the Auxiliary Unit (AU). The Operations Unit provides the working environment for the Command Team and hosts three Operator work positions, processing equipment, communications equipment, situational awareness sensors and other equipment necessary for the mission. The Auxiliary Unit contains the electrical generator and power distribution system for the Operations Units and for other hosted equipment. It also provides a facility for carrying out maintenance activities. Three communications masts and one radar mast are included with the POC, with dedicated stowage racks and handling equipment

More information in the attached document: SEA 1905 POC 001 25th September 2021


Scarborough Project

Woodside is proposing to develop the Scarborough gas resource through new offshore facilities connected through an approximately 430 km pipeline to a proposed brownfield expansion of the existing Pluto LNG onshore facility (Pluto Train 2).

Pluto LNG Train 2

The project comprises a proposed expansion of the Woodside-operated Pluto LNG facility through construction of a second LNG train.

Avonlie Solar Farm

The Avonlie Solar farm has a nameplate rating of 245.47MWp and consists of approximately 455,000 PV (photovoltaic) modules mounted on piers that will be driven into the existing subgrade.

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