Snowy 2.0 Connection Project

Project Owner

TransGrid, the Principal operates and manages the NSW high voltage electricity transmission network and holds a telecommunications carrier license to support both its services business and its electricity network functions.

The Principal operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and ACT, a system comprising over 100 substations and power station switchyards and over 12,000 kilometres of transmission lines operating at up to 500kV.

The Principal also operates and/or manages over 100 radio sites, and an optical fibre based telecommunications network, which is primarily used to provide telecommunications services for the protection, operation and maintenance of the high voltage electricity network in NSW and the ACT. The principal has been awarded contract to set up the Maragle 330kV switching station along with 9km Transmission Line.

The Project

The project is being developed as a Design and Construct project with the contract awarded to UGL. TransGrid will be free issuing high voltage Equipment to UGL for construction of the project. The high voltage equipment required for the project together with quantities is listed in the Returnable Schedules. The list is based on the concept design and subject to change.

The list of items, ratings, quantities provided are indicative only for the purpose of the EOI. The common technical parameters for all equipment are detailed in the Returnable Schedules. All equipment must meet the common technical parameters. The supplier shall review the common technical parameters and only nominate an expression of interest for items where they can meet these parameters.


Great Eastern Offshore Wind

The fixed-bottom wind project will help to accelerate the offshore wind sector in Australia and support federal and state ambitions to reduce carbon emissions.

UGL - Victorian Regional Rolling Stock Maintenance Project

UGL has been shortlisted for the Victorian Regional Rolling Stock Maintenance Project.

Awoonga Dam Spillway Project

Awoonga Dam is classified as a referable dam with a category 2 Failure Impact Category (for both Sunny Day and Flood Consequence failures) under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

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